Clara v5.0.3

  • Compiled using JDK-17 LTS
  • Updated Gradle build system to support JDK17
  • AbstractOrchestrator upgrade.
  • Failed file detection and re-processing

Clara v5.0.2

  • Minor bug fixes.
  • Timeout implementation defined for a specific services in the application composition.
  • Clara v5.0.1

  • Compiled using JDK-11
  • Fixed the synchronization between a thread that waits for the event synchronization at the end of a file, and a thread that assigns a new file to the worker node.
  • Implemented user plugin dir support. Users have an option to specify their own dependency tree.
    Note: This release does not include the clasrec-io package, assuming the package is part of the CLAS12 coat-java plugin.

Clara v4.3.13

  • Fixed service name collision in the declaration and configuration sections of the YAML
  • Presented JDK8 and JDK11 compiled versions, selectable through Clara CLAS12 installation script.
    Note: use option -f to select 4.3.13.jdk8 or 4.3.13.jdk11 compilation.

Clara v4.3.12

  • Implements service engine state = SevereError, and exit code 13.

Clara v4.3.11.
Default for the CLAS12 installation

  • Group log files based on the slurm job ID (farm deployment)

  • Implements proper exit codes (framework level)

  • Handles multiple output files

  • Limits default vertical scaling factor to 4 for local data-processing

  • introduced the WatchDog service

  • implements staging into the job specific local directory

  • increased some of the Orchestrator timeouts for handling slow network conditions.

  • exclusive mode will log everything in /farm_out online.

  • Includes HIPO-4 CLAS12 IO services

Clara v4.3.10

  • Includes latest HIPO-4 bug fixes.

Clara v4.3.9

  • Includes HIPO-4 IO services (CLAS12 plugin specific)

Clara v4.3.8

  • Includes HIPO-3 IO services (CLAS12 plugin specific)

  • Tested common installation.

  • Minor bug fixes.

Clara v4.3.7

  • Updated HIPO-4 IO services (CLAS12 plugin specific)

  • Introduced CLARA_USER_DATA environment variable to separate Clara installation form the user specific data. Note that this feature helps multiple users to use a common installation.

  • User specific data, such as input/output data files, application service composition and data-set description files, as well as log files and farm deployment scripts will be accessed through a user defined directories.

  • CLAS installation script update. The script will remove the previous installation (after user confirmation) only in case installation has a proper directory structure.

  • User documentation update. Introduction of the new “Hands on” session.

Clara v4.3.6

  • IO services use HIPO-4 data format (CLAS12 plugin specific)

Clara v4.3.5

  • IO services use HIPO-3 data format (CLAS12 plugin specific).

  • Thread affinity implementation: Introduce a delay before starting the next NUMA attached Clara process in a data-processing node.

  • Clara process: coordinate startup procedures for DPE and associated Orchestrator. Start an Orchestrator when DPE is fully operational.

  • Farm default parameters: farm.scale=disabled, farm.memory=0, farm.cpu=0, farm.disk=5GB, farm.time=24hours.

  • Farm horizontal scaling: verified and tested.

  • CLAS12 plugin installation: request user confirmation before removing the old installation.