One step installation y’all!!! Who’s excited? Who’s pumped to run data processing of your lifetime without writing a single line of code?

Nobody, of course. These days folks are excited either programming and performing code compilations or watching vicious political campaigns. You know what’s exciting to people who’ve suffered through those things? The joy of focusing on less important problems like processing experimental data and extracting science from it. Right now, with a simple click or two, you can solve one of life’s most boring petty problems: data analysis to understand how things are designed or (if you are an atheist) evolved.

Clara CLAS12 Run-time Environment (CRE)

Installation and data processing instructions are presented for the Clara Java binding.

First set the CLARA_HOME environmental variable that will point to the directory where the Clara CLAS12 distribution will be installed (/UserHome/myClara or /UserHome/clas12-v4).

Remember, Clara will create the $CLARA_HOME directory with a specific file structure. You need to provide only a location where it should be created.

Also you should specify a work directory where user specific data will be stored, including data processing application composition and data-set description files, farm deployment scripts, etc. For that assign CLARA_USER_DATA environmental variable to a user specific work directory.

$ setenv CLARA_HOME /UserHome/myClara
$ setenv CLARA_USER_DATA /UserHome/work

Note that CLARA_USER_DATA is optional, in case you are installing your own Clara environment. In all cases, if you forget to set CLARA_USER_DATA variable it will assume that it is pointing to $CLARA_HOME. This means that if you are using the common Clara installation you might face permission exceptions at the run-time.

CRE installation

Download the following script:

Change permission of this file to make it executable, and run:

$ ./ --help
  usage: [ OPTION ]... [ Value ]...

   -h, --help         print this help.
   -f, --framework    Clara framework version (default = 5.0.2).
   -v, --version      Clas12 plugin version   (default = 5a.2.0).
   -g, --grapes       Grapes plugin version   (default = 1.0).
   -j, --jre          JAVA Runtime version    (default = 11).

CLAS12 plugin distributions will be accessed at:

Clara framework distributions are accessed at:

E.g. if you plat to install Clara clara-cre-4.3.2 distribution and CLAS12 coatjava-5c.6.3 plugin, you should run the installation script with the following options:

$ ./ -f 4.3.2 -v 5c.6.3 -g 2.0

Information about the framework and the plugin versions, used during the data processing, will be shown and logged:

Distribution  :    clara-cre-4.3.2
CLAS12 plugin :    coatjava-5c.6.3

               CLARA FE/DPE
 Name             =
 Session          = gurjyan_clara
 Start time       = 2018-09-05 10:53:46
 Version          = 4.3
 Lang             = Java
 Pool size        = 10

 Proxy Host       =
 Proxy Port       = 7520

Software update

After receiving Clara or CLAS12 software update notification the only thing you do is simply type:

$ $CLARA_HOME/bin/ -v <version>

Under the hood

After the successful installation steps you will get a structured directory pointed by the CLARA_HOME environment variable furnished with all necessary jars, scripts, data and configuration files.

├── bin
│   ├── clara-orchestrator
│   ├── clara-shell
│   ├── j_dpe
│   └── kill-dpes
├── lib
│   ├── jclara-4.3-SNAPSHOT.jar
│   ├── jeromq-0.3.5.jar
│   ├── jopt-simple-4.9.jar
│   ├── json-20160212.jar
│   ├── jsr305-3.0.0.jar
│   ├── protobuf-java-2.6.1.jar
│   ├── snakeyaml-1.16.jar
│   └── xmsg-2.3.jar
├── log
└── plugins
    └── clas12
        ├── config
        │   ├── clara_p.jsub
        │   ├── files.list
        │   ├── clara_d.jsub
        │   └── services.yaml
        ├── etc
        ├── lib
        │   ├── jevio-4.4.6.jar
        │   └── jsap-2.1.jar
        ├── log
        └── services

The presented directory tree does not show CLAS12 services jar files that are stored in plugins/clas12/services directory, and also support data structures stored in plugins/clas12/etc.